Saturday, September 20, 2008

Purchasing a Vehicle in Lower Mainland, BC

Car is a definite need here in a metropolitan Vancouver. You either have a car or waste most of your time. So I hope this information here could be useful for the people who are planning to live in Brit”shit” Columbia and specifically “Shit”couver. My point here is the more you ask people not to do this or that, the more they avoid you. So I’m not trying to do that. I, at least, can tell you what to do to ease your life a bit.
So I was goin’ to buy a used one and talked to different dealers. Here’s what has happened so far:

1- I exchanged e-mails with an Asian guy in a Toyota dealership. I was goin’ to buy a Prius. I know that sounds a little (may be not a little!) too much for me but I thought I was able to get that job with McElhanney and I’d fine. But as I mentioned earlier the guy told me that I should have waited may be up to 3 months. So I changed my mind and then he introduced me a 2004 Corolla, the car I always hated! Luckily his manager said that I could not finance that car because I’m a fresh starter (in terms of job!) and usually they wait up to 2 months and then approve someone.

2- I e-mailed a Suzuki dealer here near me, in Port Coquitlam regarding a SX4 I had in mind to finance. It’s a small sedan, a little bigger than my Echo and looks like a nice car to me. When I got there, the salesperson, a former Navy officer, tried to sell me a grey one through a strange type of financing opportunity. I told him that I didn’t like the colour but he didn’t listen. Then he introduced me a young Thai girl, whom I found out later that is his wife! Obviously his second or may be the third wife after divorcing his Canadian one. The girl, 29, who speaks English with a stupid Thai accent, said that she was too old to be single! He shouts at her and order her, things that Canadians, and in general Western men, can dream about in their marriage. She obviously says nothing in back. She probably has been a prostitute or something like that in Thailand and if she was not married to him, she would have been a massage parlor or a 7-11 person now.

Anyways we then agreed to work on something else. He introduced me a hatchback car, actually two of them: A Swift and a Yaris. I test drove them both. The Swift, which he said was belong to an old lady and fine, had a problem with its gear when I tried to put it on reverse. The Yaris which was being driven by her wife, the Thai girl, was apparently fine but so expensive for a 2006 used car. So when they called the insurance guy, first I claimed that I get 15% off for my insurance while they offered only 10% and then when they fixed that, the insurance guy and also the salesperson, the addicted psycho, both said that I should include collision in my insurance because I’m financing. Other than that I said I only need $200,000 coverage for the car while they were talking about $1,000,000 and $2,000,000! I was really being sick and tired of this shit so I called off the meeting and said that I would be there tomorrow because I need to obtain more driving and insurance history from Alberta. I’ve never called them up to this moment but that Thai girl calls me every day and obviously I ignore her. She even text messaged me once. The stupid bitch woke me up today at 09:18!
Will update if anything comes up on this matter

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