Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Coffee Woman

I was walking down the street to work, last Sun. morning and a woman jumped out of a house and ran to a car while saying to her: freaking coffee drinkers! She was goin’ to get coffee probably for her friends or may be a boyfriend in that morning of Sun. It could have been a night sleepover. I thought she was talking to me and excused myself and asked what she had said. She repeated it. I said that I was goin’ to work and I had no time for a coffee. She asked where I worked and I told her. She then surprisingly asked me what kind of coffee I liked?! And I said two creams in it and continued my walk.
It was not more than 10 min. after I arrived at work when I saw the woman with a double cream large Tim Horton’s coffee! I was surprised. So did Wolfe, the old and tough guy. The woman said that she might have needed us later. And that makes sense but she didn’t have to. Some of them are very nice. But you know what would be really nice? She giving me a room in her house and full service ‘cause it’s only 10 min. walking from work. I actually can rent such a place but I’m not certain about the future of my job so I go back and forth until then.
(Photo: Tim Horton's large coffee, one of my favorites besides McDonald's)

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