Monday, September 15, 2008

Jesus Helps You!

I was sitting in a Tim Horton’s, having a cup of coffee and reviewing the material for tomorrow’s interview with CF and one Asian man approached me and started a conversation after sitting at a table beside mine. He introduced himself as a Chinese-Malaysian and started bullshitting about Jesus and how he helps him! That started when he asked me how I was and I said I was very bad and he asked why and I answered that that’s how people sometimes are: They are sometimes bad and at times good. He said that when he is bad Jesus helps him. When he goes down, Jesus let him go down but that’s only because he wants him to experience and then he helps him out!
He invited to join him in a church, the church that I know in Johnson Street and Walton. There’s another one a block away and he said that one is a Catholic church while his is a Protestant. Two other guys joined us in the mean time, an Italian born here and a guy from Hong Kong. The Italian then said that they both believe in the same God! I said that’s what everyone says! Muslims and Jews say they believe in the same God and they fight and kill each other and Christians and Muslims they believe they believe in the same God and they hate each other!
I don’t know why someone would want to attract others to what he worships. People have choices and see what is available. They don’t get any bonus or grant! May be that make them proud.

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