Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Animal Ansari is Found Guilty

One problem this country has is because the Federal Government wants to make money out of the income tax, they let every kind of different people in and they don’t care about their background. Animal Ansari is one of them: a careless, lazy, bully, spoiled boy from a rich Iranian family in West Vancouver where the supporters of ex-Shah of Iran live.
Another reason that CIC issues permanent residence visas daily, no matter who the applicant would be, is jobs. Look at, just in case of Ansari, the number of people who get busy when he stabs his friend to death and drags his body to leave at a corner: Police officers, paramedics, judges and jury, newspaper reporters and publishing staff and many more. So what would these people do, if there was never somebody like Ansari?
The Animal will be sentenced next Fri. I'm hoping the harshest sentence for him, a possible 15 to 20 years in prison with no parole at all. After all the prison guards and correctional facility staff should be busy too. Should't they be? But who's paying them? Me and you, the taxpayers. So instead of having more buses, cleaner cities, better services, newer bridges and so, your money will be spent on animals like Ansari in prisons.
(Photo: The handsome Ansari and his killer smile. Thank you Government for harbouring this creature!)

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