Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback (16): Hitchhike

I went to Burnaby to get a DHL package sent by Mom today. It was pissing starting the morning. The stupid guy came all the way to my place and just put a not at the main entrance without buzzing or calling me. That's why I had to go to their depot.
What also happened is I went to King George Skytrain and asked one of the Skytrain guys how to get there. I had been there once but I completely forgot especially at night and this shitty weather. So the girl told me to go to Edmonds instead of Holdom. It would be much easier and faster.
Anyways while I was on the bus I was thinking of going' back home and thought there might not be any bus. Obviously I was wrong because most of the routes have late services and it was only 06:30 PM. I thought of hitchhiking and that took me almost 7 years back.
It was my first days in Canada and I went to Cargill for employment. I clearly remember the day, a cold day in Dec. of 01 but I can't recall for what I was there. I finished my thing and walked to the road, stood, extended my arm and showed the hitchhiking sign. It was dark and apparently no one stopped. It was the time that of the downturn after Sep.11 attacks and nobody trusted no one, especially a foreigner like me. I guess I went back in and got a cab to go to Calgary.
(Photo: This map of B. C. Skytrain shows where Holdom and Edmonds are. DHL is only 20 min. walk from Holdom, No doubt that it would be much easier if I went to that station first)

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