Friday, November 07, 2008

Silliness of the Optimists

I really didn’t want to write anything about this recent election of the US because I’m not actually so fucking cheerful for his win but decided to write this because after all I use this blog to express myself and write down about the things that I will read later and will be amusing to me.
All of these stupid assholes who cheer for the first Black president of the US don’t know that a ruined country is now goin’ to be handed to him and if he doesn’t do anything to rebuild the fucked up economy and reputation of the country everybody will say: See? What did you expect from a Black guy?
The other thing which is even more important is Obama or McCain none of them run the country. The US is being ran by the big companies, trusts, CIA and billionaires. It’s not Obama who decides what to do. He will be only an executive officer. If he doesn’t navigate the way the companies want, they get rid of him easily, just as easy as they did JFK. Remember Al Gore? He almost won the election in 2001 but they knew that he would be a pain in the ass, so they did a proactive action and failed him. Obama might be a good man, a strong leader and a face for a new America but that doesn’t bring the economy back to where it was a little more than a year ago, that doesn’t fix the long overdue problem with the health care and that doesn’t create jobs. I listen to his winning speech and I liked it though!
Obama is going to take over Bush in Jan. of 09 and here is what we all should thank George W. Bush for: Attacking Iraq. That was a good decision and then a good job and I hope the Americans stay there as long as they can and kill as many Iraqis as needed. Iraqis should have been punished for what they did to Iran, Kuwait and Kurds and they received their punishment and they are still getting it and I hope it won’t end soon. You all burn to death, you motherfucker Iraqis.
(Photo: This cartoon of Obama and his wife on the cover of the New Yorker a little while ago brought controversy but didn't ruin his reputation and didn't help his opponent to win. Of course it was not as catchy as the movie Michael More made, Fahrenheit 9/11 to defeat George W. Bush and obviously none of them worked)

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