Thursday, November 20, 2008

Different Treadmills

I went to the gym today for the second consecutive day in this week and although I went to bed last night around 02:00 AM and woke up at about 09:00 AM and felt tired all day long, I did a 1:41 on my Cooper Test practice.
I was not as tired as I was the day before. I think that's because I used a different treadmill. There might be a difference between machines. I started with 7.0 mile per hour and then increased it to 7.1 after 6 min. and 7.2 and up. The same kind of exercise made me tired the night before that.
Anyways I'm goin' again tomorrow and I'll be trying a newer, bigger machine and we'll see the difference.


mills said...

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The Tough Guy said...

Thanks but don't you think it will be a bit hard for me to by treadmills from the UK?

Ashley said...

Thanks for your wonderful guidance for treadmill shopping.... I used to visit Smooth Fitness for them.