Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Red Thin Line

I bought The Red Thin Line years ago but I just have the chance to watch it completely. The movie, a war movie about Americans fighting Japanese in the Pacific was released the same year as Saving Private Ryan. Although many movie stars play in this movie directed by Terrence Malick, it didn’t win any Academy Awards®. Steven Spielberg’s won a few. I’ve seen and own both movies and I can’t say that Saving Private Ryan is better than The Red Thin Line in any way. In fact I like Malick’s better.
After all I think The Academy which is ran by the politicians like every other business in the US, refused to accept The Red Thin Line simply because it’s an anti-war movie. It’s a war movie just made to show the darkness and evil of all wars while Spielberg shows how brave Americans are.
Sean Penn who’s known as one of the very known and popular anti-wars activists, acts in the movie and it’s said that he never asked for a salary. So it’s the matter of the message you’re sending.
(Photo: Sean Penn in a scene of the movie which is partially taped in Australia)

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