Sunday, November 16, 2008

NW Police (2)

I received a letter from NW Police last Fri. and it showed it's over. I passed the two exams, the POPAT which I got 3:51 min. and the Wonderlic Personnel Test which I got 22 and that's the minimum acceptable. But I failed the memory and got 12 which I needed at least 15.
It's stated in the letter that because there were enough qualified candidates, there would be no chance for re-writing the test. But this is not what the recruiting officer said when we finished POPAT. He said he would give a chance to the ones who fail one exam but obviously he prefers Canada-born younger people whom their parents are police officer at the moment in the city!
That's fine by me. This is not the first time that I'm being eliminated as a result of discrimination but I thought I was good and I can make a good cop but may be I was wrong. I think I should go back to my field. I'm going to write CQE of ASQ in the next year. I have already started studying but hasn't been good so far. But I'll get better and better.

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