Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NW Police

I went to S. J.’s place to get a pile of letters I had, as a result of not having my address changed. NW Police invitation to exams was among them. The letter was obviously dated way back but wanted me in JI of BC last Sat. to do two written exams and the POPAT.
So I went to New Westminster to take the exams. The first one was a 12 min. exam which I had to answer 50 questions and I don’t think I passed 33 or 34! The second one was looking at three different photos for three minutes and answer 3 or 4 pages of questions in again 3 minutes. The officers were very friendly and helpful. It was much better than the stupid CBSA which I had to sit shoulder by shoulder to people and there was no room to even move my hand.
After that we went for POPAT, a run, jump, pull, push and throw test. We were a group of may be 15 people including 4 girls and I was the oldest, I think. I remember I only had seen POPAT once on TV in Calgary when Calgary Police Service was trying to recruit officers from England but I never practiced that. So I waited and watched. It was hard for most of people especially if they were too skinny, too heavy or not in shape but mostly did it in the desired time, 04:15.
I decided to go just a few before the last one and I did have a very good start, I went the wrong direction 2 times but eventually finished in less than 03:55 but don’t recall the exact time. The recruiting officer said we would receive our results in a letter and the qualified persons would be invited for an interview.
(Photo: A diagram of POPAT. More detail can be easily found everywhere on the net. There are even place that train you for that, I didn't need any, not even at this age!)

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