Monday, November 24, 2008

Shocking Book

I followed up that fucking Syrian Arab, Arar’s story (check this, this, this and this) and was quite unhappy after I found out that he had been paid millions of dollars by the Government as a compensation package.
What I read today in the paper is even more saddening and at the same time shocking. A book has been published recently which the author claims that Arar is an American agent! I don’t know what kind of agent he could be or what he has done for the Americans but it’s also said that Americans paid that million dollar compensation package. It’s just part of a book 544-page book which I’d like to buy and read. May be you should too.
(Photo: Dispersing the Fog by Paul Palango a Globe and Mail national editor, a book about Maher Arar, the Syrian-Canadian who claimed he was sent back to Syria on his way back to Canada by Americans and was prisoned and tortured. Refer to the above links for the story and obviously the book for the ambiguity!)

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