Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Americans in Canada

If you just drive around or go to public parking lots of the big stores like Superstore, Safeway, WalMart, etc these days in southern Surrey and possibly other cities in British Columbia, you'll see many vehicles registered in the US, states like California, Washington, Iowa, Arizona and others as well. Some say they're visitors/tourists, some say they earn in the US and spend in Canada. Either one sounds delicious to me. But the truth might be far-fetched.
Many of the are the people who ran away from devastated economy and huge unemployment rate, I assume. Not knowing that Canada's situation is not much better than theirs!
I hope Canada's Economic Action Plan is working otherwise news like deficit until 2015 and " economy will start being recovered in 2013 " should be revised. The temporary-migrated Americans probably don't know that Canada's economy is completely dependent on the US's and more than %80 of Canadian products are exported to the US and while America is suffering, Canada can't be recovered. The only thing that helped Canada to stay stronger and partially unharmed is its banking system which is, happily, different and independent from the US's. Let's see if the action plan works. We're waiting and we hope the opposition give the Government enough time to exercise its plans.

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