Monday, September 14, 2009

The New Era of Cooper Test Practice

I had my third day of outdoor Cooper Test practice today. As I've recently moved to a new place and am no longer close to a gymnasium, I decided to continue my practices in a nearby soccer field. It's obviously very different from treadmill drills. Here wind, sun, temperature and the track are all factors. I, at the moment don't know how long each lap is but what I do is I just jog for almost 12 minutes. I might measure it soon. The track is bumpy(!), made of asphalt and weed has come out at every corner! But it's good until the time that I find a weight room, treadmill and indoor track.
(Photo: This picture of the soccer field is taken using my mobile phone. I never liked mobile phone cameras, only use them in emergencies but forgot to take that and used my mobile instead)

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