Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good Attitude

There's this guy that I know, he's old. S. T. He's not in a good situation. He just bought an apartment condo last year, worth some $220,000 obviously pays monthly, owes over $4000 on his credit card, drives an old 80's sedan, you name it!
He's into his second marriage, consumes depression medication and has not heard from his children from his first marriage for years. They basically left him for good. He told me that once his daughter wrote him about her step father and asked him if he was going to heaven. That was the time of the guy's death. S. T.'s answer was that he had no idea. That made the girl sad and agitated. She expected him to have a positive answer on that. That was the end of conversation. The girl changed her surname to the dead guy and never spoke to him again. Then the that was the son's turn! He backed up his sister and S. T. and him are not in speaking terms ever since.
What else has happened to him lately? (Those all were not enough!) He made a few bad mistakes at work and the employer degraded him. That costs him a few hundred dollars every month which is bad for someone in his position.
But listen to this: The other day we were talking and he said that he supported two kids, one in South America and one in Africa, paying some $30 and $40 for each! I was amazed! I asked him why he was doing that while he was in such a shit himself, especially when he was in the verge of losing his job a few weeks ago? His answer was short and simple but said it all: They are in worse situation that us!

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