Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We were thinking of something new to try at home yesterday and thought of making some Nacho. So we got a bag of Tostito crisps, we had a jar of Kraft CheeseWhiz, diced a few tomato before broiling it F. F. said lets try this pepper. It was a little green paper. looked like a banana pepper. When the top was cut, we smelled and that was really good. Then we tasted with the tip of the tongue and sensed nothing really hot. So it was cut, diced and put over the crisps with the other ingredients.
It took only about 5 minutes to get ready and that was delicious. But then after a few bites we realized that we had added a Jalapeno! It was so hot that I started sweating like a pig but I couldn't help eating.
Anyways if you need fast snack it's something really good. Just make sure that you put bell pepper instead of Jalapeno if you don't like it hot. Also it is very fattening. All that crisps and cheese, they are sources of carbohydrate and fat. Go easy on them.
(Photo: Your Nacho platter might look like this if lighting is poorly designed But tastes really good!)

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