Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to Save Millions of Dollars?

The current Government, the Conservative just was threatened by the Liberals to have a new election. It's irrational to me regardless of how the Government is doing now. That will use millions of dollars in a situation like now which we're in deficit and will remain in this shit for the next few years, some say until 2015!
I believe the NDP did a great job denying any coalition with the Liberals or anybody else. Jack Layton said that his party would back up the minority Government if the Conservatives do some of the things they have promised to do to ease life on people. Here's what the Government will do soon:
1- Extend the EI benefit for another 20 weeks (5 more months! Wow! You really want to be unemployed now!)
2- Omitting tax for home buyers. (I don't know the detail, don't ask me. I'm not buying anything!)
3- Helping the farmers who are suffering form the consequences of the recent drought.
That will keep smile on Harper's lip this Christmas! There will be likely no election after the Olympics and will save millions of dollars. Some say the election now and then is good because the creates temporary jobs and reduces unemployment rate. But what the morons don't understand, regardless of the fact that they have to give enough time to the Government to do something, is that election wastes millions of dollars of the taxpayers money which could be spent or invested some place better. The 2008 National Election in Jan. of that year cost an approximate amount of $300,000,000. Considering Canada spend millions on Afghanistan mission, no sane person would want another election.
(Photo: This cartoon chosen from mapleleafweb.com depicts the money was wasted in 2008 National Election)

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