Sunday, September 20, 2009

Old Cars

We went for a ride yesterday morning and on the way back home noticed a car in the nearby Auto mall, a kind of like outdoor exhibition. Old American vehicles were on display, from three major automakers, cars as old as 1932! I pulled over and we spent few minutes there. It was amazing. I told myself that these all were belong to the golden era! The time that gasoline was cheap and Americans ruled! Ford, GM and somehow Chrysler each had a share in North American and world market and benefited a lot.
Look at them now: They are all devastated, in the verge of bankruptcy! Japanese and Korean companies have big share of the market, provide good quality and low price and become stronger everyday.
Anyways it was nice to see cars from Laurel & Hardy time to Al Capone's and others. I put a few here, hope you enjoy as well.
(Photo: Three of the old vehicles which were being shown are pictured here, from left a nice coloured Mercury, an old Chevy and a very old old one, possibly a Ford. Look at the emblems on the hoods of Mercury and Chevy, they look very alike. So I don't know if the re-builders have the same taste or this is an original thought which is a little far from reality. I hope publishing these photos is nothing against the new terms and conditions of Picasa and at the same time doesn't violate the privacy of the vehicle owners)

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