Sunday, October 22, 2006

Side Flake

I have to find a solution to my permanent problem with morons, eventually. I’m not a genius but what’s make me different from others at job, according to my previous employers and bosses is I’m a very organized and totally devoted to my work. I also can say that I’m workaholic too. This is another story of the idiots that I deal with almost every day:
One of the maintenance lead hands asked me to order a kind of plastic chain that is being used on slaughter floor, almost 10 days ago. I called the sales department of the supplier company, which I rather not name it here, and talked to a man regarding our need. He took the order and also said that he would meet with me and discuss the business. He came over and I gave him a chain link as sample of what we needed. The guy told me that he had been working for the company for almost 15 years. So far so good. Then we received 3 boxes of chain last Tue. and I was notified by the lead hand that the chain is not what he was waiting for! “There’s a difference” he said. I, then, took a look: Yes. The chain I ordered has a side flake and the one he sent us doesn’t. It makes it unable to function where it’s needed. I e-mailed the guy and explained what happened. He denied any mistake and said that he had ordered the right item. That could be the manufacturer who shipped the wrong part. Then I sent one of our guys with another sample and he, again, said that he didn’t see anything that makes the two chains, the needed one and the received one, different! What I did, then, was scanning and e-mailing the photos of the two chains, hoping he understands, this time. Luckily he was convinced after a whole lot of explanation. Then there was another question of him: The gray colour of the chain you need is in stock but if you need the same colour as your sample, white, you have to wait a week or a little more!!
So here’s my question now: How many idiots do I have to deal with every day?!
(Photo: Two different chains. The bottom one is what was needed and the above shows what we received. Clearly different)


Mina said...

Question: How many idiots do I have to deal with every day?!

Answer: Look at the mirror and you will find the answer.

The Tough Guy said...

You obviously are suffering from something really miserable. I can imagine how hard it gets on you. Start with an Advil or Tylenol and then see a specialist.
At the same time you seem in need of a hard coke in your mouth and then in your pussy and ass, consecutively. I can't help you with that. I'm far from you. Go to Downtown and spend a few min., you'll get good ofers as soon as guys see you!