Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Brit"Shit" Columbia Is Going Deeper in Shit

The party is over and the assholes who were cheering for nothing and were excited like kindergarten kids who see candy bars and jelly beans, will soon realize that they are goin' deeper and deeper in shit every day in this Brit"Shit" Columbia. Bad news day after day and looks like there's no end to it. Have a quick review:
1- Most of utility fees would be increased soon, including natural gas and electricity.
2- The province will face water shortage in summer. The asshole fuckheads who were so happy that it was a mild winter and were jumping up and down for being dry, should be seen how will deal with this problem.
3- Unemployment rate either remains the same or goes higher. Many posted jobs will be faded without being filled.
4- The new giant tax, HST, will kick in soon.
These were just example. One thing to mention though: As long as assholes from every corner of the globe who come to this province for a better life and bring hundreds of thousands of dollars, this province will be able to survive. That, of course, doesn't guarantee an easier life for "Shit" Colombians!

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