Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's All About Money

It just happened to see that Haiti had reviled its ambitious $11.5 Billion reconstruction plan. That proves that I missed something in the last post about the country.
It's just not about helping Haitians that Canadians and Americans claim. It's all about money they are going to make. Who do you think is going to do all the reconstruction? Who will invest in rebuilding a country which the infrastructure is gone? And who do you think will benefit from that? The answer to the question is Canadian and American companies and then of course the related government after obtaining enough taxes from them! It like just Iraq after the war. Many companies benefited from the war. Of course it was gun and ammunition builders at the first place and then companies like Blackwater and then the oil and gas, construction and other suppliers. Over there they had to sell the War Against Terrorism and that took a while to make Americans ready for it. Here it happened by a massive earthquake. They are so happy now and jumping up and down. It's probably not as big as Marshal Plan but it's something.
So don't be tricked by the sad faces Michael Jean and other stupid bitches make. That's not their feeling.


Anonymous said...

Why your world is so dark and doomy? Is there anything positive happening in your world rather than crime, corruption, bad corporate leaders and a-hole police officers?

Be positive man!


The Tough Guy said...

Unfortunately not much positive is happening around. You're right though. I try to be positive. Thanks for the advice. May be you should check out later just to see if there is any improvement!