Sunday, March 14, 2010

Canada: The Paradise for Criminals

I came across the online news yesterday and this title caught my eyes:
3-time B. C. killer was sentenced to life in prison.
I was not very surprised as I know the Judicial System of Canada and I've written about how people misuse that a few times (Examples are this and this) and but still got taken aback. This guy gets a chance of parole after 18 years. So he's 34 now and in 18 years would be 52. That means there will still be a chance for a new life. This is good. If that's the intent I should say that' very good. It means the System gives the guy another opportunity to rebuilds his life, enters the society and lives productively for another, let's say, at least 20 years. But how about the people who have lost their lives? How about the families who have lost a loved ones and have to live with the loss for the rest of their lives? I'm not saying that I'm not a fan of The Second Chance. I've given a few and have used them but that was not the case of Life and Death.
I was questioning myself about this idea and decided to write this to see if I can justify myself especially because I know this is all about money. I don't think I can accept the concept even though I found a good reason for that. The reactions to this verdict is funny as I was checking CBC Most of the people either say the guy should have been sentenced to life in the first place or should never get a chance of parole. Who are these people who can not change their country? Isn't this supposed to be a democracy? Or may be democracy as long as doesn't hurt the money makers' accounts?!
Note: The chance of parole after 18 years is given to him for the last crime while for the first one he's not given unless he serves 25 years which changes the story completely but the question and the justification, in general, remains. Not to mention that there all always changes to the system and also opportunities for offenders.


Crazy ANT said...

I was thinking about immigration to Canada, but after I read your posts don't really want to do so...

The Tough Guy said...

Wise decesion!
If you're happy where you are, you are financially secure and have family ties don't because you have to start over right from point zero but some people have come and have been very successful though. That is not a large population. Generally there are two classes of people who live happily here: the very rich and the very poor. This is the land of labourers anyways so the poor peasants of China, South America, India, Indo-China, Afghanistan and so on find it very attractive here because they work as hard as they did back home and at least they can fullfil their basic needs which they were never able to before.
Good luck.