Monday, March 29, 2010

Stupid Singer

We wanted some sewing done at home as The Lady is very good at it so we went to a local Wal-Mart to get a sewing machine possibly a Singer as its quality and reliability is recognized for years. My Mom still has her Singer. So we got there, got the machine, went back home and after a few hours we decided to open up to have a look and probably play with it a bit. We got surprised!
What we found in the box was completely different from what we expected, a different model! So went to Customer Service and explained the issue. Then opened another box before their eyes: Same stupid problem. The box says and shows an Advanced model but the inside model is a Precision. The lady in charge apologized a few times and encouraged us to go back in about 2 weeks. That's was not her fault though. Then we tried the same machine at a different store and we got the same result! Just unbelievable! That kept us from looking more.
(Photo: This pictures combined together were taken quickly using my mobile telephone shows the sewing machine we were expecting to get at let and what we got in the box at left! I really don't know what was going on at the end of the assembly line in the packaging station. That could have been an impaired worker or a line supervisor flirting with a female labourer!)

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