Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Horsing Around

S. T. showed up at work today just to pay a visit, I thought at the beginning but he was looking for work! He apparently has lost his job after he was asked to leave last Sep. I didn't ask him what had happened but I told him several times, when we were working together, to stop horsing around but he always ignored my warning. It was hard to work and also kind of supervise someone who is as old as my father. Now at this age walking around and knocking at everybody's door for a piece of bread shouldn't feel alright. He doesn't seem to care but I would be ashamed. I have to work harder to prevent something like that happening to me soon.


Rebekah said...

Hi - I just stumbled across your blog from mine (http://rebekah-socialmedia.blogspot.com) and I love it! I have to agree that fooling around at work can be a huge downfall in your career. I too would not want to be in his shoes!

The Tough Guy said...

Likes your blog by just having a quick look. Keep me updated about what's happening in the East before I move there myself.