Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I really am trying to be positive and only see the good side of everything but sometimes there's only the dark side when you turn something around.
Now with these recent problems with major auto makers of the world that they have to recall millions of vesicles at time there are assholes who try to use the opportunity and make their miserable lame life a bit easier. I heard this one from the States on the radio who crashed his Prius to the wall and complained to Toyota. The authorities checked the vehicle and found no electronic malfunction or mechanical failure. They found the driver at fault at the scene. The lying beach claimed that she pushed the brake pedal but the vehicle got accelerated and she crashed to the wall!
Who's goin' to buy that stupid story? Do you think you're dealing with grade 2 kids?!
(Photo: The inside of the newly designed 2010 Toyota Prius is wonderful and unique. I was goin' to buy one but not because I anticipated the current problems. That was because I did not have that much money and didn't want to risk a loan)


Anonymous said...

where do you live? Are you single?

The Tough Guy said...

I live at the address at the right top corner of the blog, next to my photo and I am married.