Monday, March 01, 2010

The Real Medal Count

Vancouver Winter Olympic Games officially was closed yesterday after Team Canada beat Team USA in Men's Hockey 3-2 in overtime and won Gold and Canada ranked third after Germany and the United States.
These recent games that I could watch closely was in many ways not what I was expecting at the beginning. A few of the 26 medals that Canadian athletes won, including a few of Gold ones where given to them based on unfair judgment. They would have never won the medal, if the game had been held somewhere else in Canada. The Canadian competitors never even imagined that they could win a medal before the game. I would like to name them here:
1- The most stupid medal was the Bronze given to Quebec girl, Joannie Rochette. She was way of off the podium but because her Mom had died a week before her performance, they game her a stupid medal. Here I should say: Shame on you fake judges.
2- Charles Hamelin won two Golds in Short Track Speed Skating. With bunch of Koreans and the famous American, Apollo, he never even dreamed of winning a Bronze. The referees made Apollo disqualified and gave the Canadian a fake medal.
3- The performance of the Russian couple was way better than the Canadians but again judges gave the best medal to the Canadians in Figure Skating.
There are other controversial medals in the game but I prefer to end this here. Four medals have been given to the athletes that they never deserve it and I insist that a few others could be questioned as well. Canada would never be where it is now in the table, if the scoring and judgement was unbiased.
(Photo: The final medal count of 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Compare it to 2006 in Italy)

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