Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Signs of Economic Downturn

I applied for a job with B. C. Government last year and I think it was around it was spring, almost a year ago. The last time I received anything from them was July. Today I decided to see what they say about the next possible training and hiring. The recruiting lady wrote me that there would be no training and new employment for 2010!
I was not actually very surprised because in the recent budget of the province more than 3000 public service jobs are seen as eliminated. Most municipalities stop hiring and it's the province is facing a huge deficit. They were saying that everything would go back to normal in 2014 though!
So if you say that luck doesn't play a major roll in people's life, I don't believe that anymore! I've lost many opportunities due to lack of experience or knowledge and other reasons but this one is just not my fault. All I have to do is to keep doing the same fucking thing: Applying!

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