Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Good News or Start of a Challenge

I just received an e-mail confirmation, a long one with all information and forms attached, from a recruiter indicating that I will have the chance to join this police force. I just had a quick review and good God, it is a real challenge. Not to say that I am afraid or anything but it is a life time opportunity and if I miss it, it probably will never turns on.
The selection process includes:
1- A 4 to 5 hour exam.
2- A 1 hour interview.
3- A 3 hour psychological test.
5- A physical readiness test.
6- A 4 to 5 hour polygraph exam.
All will be done only and only if I pass the previous one and I have to travel to another province for those. So better get ready and plan for everything starting now!

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