Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Domocracy: A Western Term

I've written about this bullshit term that Westerners use to legalize whatever they're doing; it's called democracy(!) French politicians are the biggest liars ever and the most frequent users of this term. A former PM of Iran was assassinated by a small group of people in France in 1990s. That was the second attempt and the successful one. Regardless of who the person was and if he was a servant to his country or a traitor, their action was considered of course an act of crime, they got arrested, tried and sentenced. One of them, Ali Vakili Rad was sentenced to life in prison. The democracy-oriented people of the French Government released the guy just after 18 years in exchange of one of their spies, a French woman!
Where did justice go? Where did democracy go? Shame on you liars. Shame on you Westerners who use different terms in a way you mean it not in the way it really means.
(Photo: Ali Vakili Rad, the assassin who killed Shapour Bakhtiar, the last Prime Minister of Iran in Pahlavi era is being welcomed and treated as a hero in I. K. International Airport, Iran after being released by French authorities)

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