Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Heed Is Not Healed!

This story of Kash (not Cash!) Heed is really funny. An East Indian and a Punjabi Sikh, who was a member of VPD was working hard to be the cheif of police on that force. He lost to the guy from Hong Kong, Chu. Then he was appointed chief of police for WVPD and resigned after a short time, stated that younger officers should be given the opportunity to run the force in that jurisdiction. Then he was appointed Solicitor General for the Government of Brit"SHIT" Columbia. He was found in the middle of scandal and resigned. You should have seen the Punjabi guys with big smiles on their faces jumping up and down in front of TV cameras after he was cleared of all charges. He was reassigned to the job yesterday.

I was walking in a Save on Foods this morning and saw all the morning papers with his photo on front page saying that he was back. Got in to the car, started driving and turned the radio on. Heard that the accusations are back and he had resigned again! It'll be fun to see those Punjabi elderly man and women faces after they heard this. Really funny faces!
(Photo: Heed at the time he was chief of West Vancouver Police)

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