Thursday, May 20, 2010

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

I decided to buy a PC game, a First-Person Shooter right after I bought a new PC but was sure that I can't have something really advanced. So I checked a BestBuy and there was this game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising which reminded me the old version of it. I played the old version on the new PC but then said to me that I should get a better one, more real one. I compared that to the older version of Call of Duty ($19 versus $39) and finally picked it. The picture and sound quality is very good but when I wanted to try different Single Missions, I realized that they were all locked by one! I contacted the customer service and I was told that the Single Missions get unlock through the Combat Mission!
I tried the combat mission a few times but it's really hard to go through especially because here you are the platoon's or whatever small group it is, leader.
(Photo: The graphic and quality of image is supposed to be as clear as the above photo but I haven't gone far enough to see this part)

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