Friday, May 07, 2010


I was driving to Vancouver this afternoon on Highway 99 or 91 (not even sure on which one I was driving!) and just shortly before turning to Knight St. I took the wrong exit and boom! I got lost again! I was driving on a rood which I think it was alongside Fraser River. It was a narrow road, one lane each side with all industries around and speed limits at times down to 30 km/h because of all the 18-wheelers and truck commuting. I was driving east and then I said to: Damn I'm goin' back to where I came from because I was supposed to be drivin' to west, to Vancouver. So I pulled in someone's driveway and turned back. I was goin' back and was a bit speeding when I noticed a Chrysler coming toward me and I thought at the time and I still think it could be a Ghost! He turned his hidden lights on for a second and I said: That's it and I stopped right in the middle of the road and looked into the rear view mirror. He was trying to say something by waving at me and then I saw it pulling in a driveway. I thought he was turning back to give me my ticket. So I went to the road shoulder, stopped, turned the engine off and got out of the vehicle and waited for him! He didn't show up. I waited for a few more seconds, then I got in and drove away. I still am trying to find out what it was all about! ¨
(Photo: Lumbers in the rivers and in the background skyscraper's possibly in Richmond is seen here on that road where I got lost this afternoon)

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