Friday, May 21, 2010

Unusual Interview

I had the interview for that position yesterday. That seemed a bit strange interview to me as I had never had like that before. There were 4 people, 2 employee and I'm supposed to be their colleague if I'm hired(!), one possibly from HR and the other one from another office, presumably the one that I'm goin' to work in. The interview for the part-time job took about 35 to 40 minutes. I think I had good answers and bad answers but they sounded very unprofessional to me. One question they asked and I had that before was how would have my supervisor described me, if he had been asked about me. For that I'm goin' to actually write what my supervisor wrote to the head office in response to their check on me:
He is a dedicated individual who does not need to be reminded of our expectations. Quick learner, enthusiastic and very reliable in his attendance.
I only mentioned the last one. I was told that they would let me know about the results by the end of the next week, I guess.

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