Friday, May 07, 2010

Joking With People's Life

I was at a Superstore for a little shopping when I came across with this pink pairs of socking hanging out of a shelf labeled " Hope for a Cure ". I was about to laugh! I don't know how long these guys are goin' to keep this story but I believe it will be on for a long time. They spend billions of spaceships and space stations, on submarines and fighter jets but need donation for cancer cure research! Many people believe that the cure actually has been found but the pharmaceuticals just don't want to let the people know because they simply will go out of business. It's like just a few months ago when this stupid Swine Flu kicked in. They first said that there are limited vaccine available for people and the priority was given to kids, elderly and moms. Then there were too much left and nobody wanted it so they started their stupid TV ads on different channels. As long as people are asleep while living and stupid enough to be brainwashed by whatever shit they are told, this giant company trick them and make money out of them.
(Photo: Everything in pink, including this pairs of socks is a symbol of fighting cancer, the never ending fight in West just like their fight against terrorism!)

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