Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Company of Over-rated Pirates(!)

There's this Calgary Co-Op which I name it Calgary Company of Overrated Pirates(!) close to where I work and I tried it for lunch a few times and found it unreasonably expensive. Everyone balmes Safeway while I think Co-Op is no better than that and at times even worse. I wanted to try a sandwich and I found nothing less than $6 which actually could fill part of my stomach out! Then the other time I wanted to get just some bread but found barely any bread that could match up with my eating habits or the quality of Safeway bakery. Well some of the pies are not bad in taste and price but pies are not generally good for you because they are full of sugar, artificial flavours and other types of chemicals and additives.
Anyways after a few times unsuccessful attempts I decided give the soups a try. Not to mention that I tried its breakfast sandwich once and it was no where close to being edible. So I got myself a vegetable soup and considering that we eat best soups at home very often, which F. F. makes them perfectly, It didn't take so long to me to realize that buying that soup was no different from flushing my money down the toilet! The vegetables were not even cooked properly and were floated on the top most of them. So I said enough is enough. I, now, just buy stuff from Safeway and make my own sandwich. I might have to walk or even starve but I'm not goin, to the pirates any more!

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