Monday, January 10, 2011

The Unlucky Person

I received a telephone call from a lady in regards to a job that I had applied and was invited to the second step of the position with the Government of B. C. I might still have a good chance. This step shouldn't be hard now because I've done it once and failed! But the Calgary job is still there and although F. F. is not happy about it (because of the school and weather) I still consider that. F. F. said that there was a saying in their culture which goes: The Unlucky Person Is Invited To Two Different Places!
Anyways I agreed to appear in the second step of that job which will be held this Wed. and didn't go to Calgary! Yes. It's hard to believe that I turned down a $72,000 annual salary while having more than $4,000 unpaid balance only on the credit cards but the abnormality of the offer threw me away. Not to mention it's term and the issues with F. F., laziness(!), getting used to B. C.'s milder weather and uncertainty of the future. So the guy from QA called me today and asked me why I hadn't shown up! I made a lame excuse saying that there were ambiguities in the offer, which actually is true. He said that he would get in touch with the HR guy and hopes that he gets back to me. OK!

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