Thursday, January 27, 2011

Language Barrier

I have probably amongst a few foreigners who rarely have a language problem. I, most of the time, have been able to communicate with people effectively both verbally and if I have to write. This has barely helped me so far. Of course I've passed interviews, purchased items, rented places and done so many other things but now after years I realize that this has never been a privilege!
All these assholes and elbows who have these huge salaries, stupid Blackberries and iPods, pressed pants and other show offs, look really silly and dumb when open their mouths!
What has been defined as language barrier and I passed that years ago successfully, of course after years of hard work, has a new meaning: I work with people who is not proficient in English so my ability bothers them and causes me problems! I'm just being pushed aside and might not be seen and then kicked out because the guy simply thinks that I might take over soon.
I e-mailed the HR person before coming to work and asked if he needs any documents but he said no. This guy, the asshole requests education documents and when I take them to him, he questions their validity. Looks like that I won't fit in here as well! I don't know how long more I can take this.

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