Sunday, January 23, 2011

The First Week of the Work

I finished the first week at work and there were so many issues:
1- First of all I realized how I wasted my time all these years. Luck is a major factor. I'm unlucky but lazy and not concerned about my future too. I always thought that there would be another opportunity if I lose this one. Never actually pursued anything seriously. I did but may be I didn't exert enough energy and effort. I'm not saying that I'm lucky that I have this job now because it's just a temporary shit. All these assholes and elbows in there care about nothing but the fucking birthdays and Friday and barely speak!
2- This moron that I work with has a hard time explaining himself every time he opens his mouth and each and every sentence of him ends by me. He has done something for this company of course that why they kept him but what he has done is not significant. He feels very important, may be one of the pillars of the company!
3- I had to move three times! Hodani, the asshole drunkard told me that his roommate who the lease is on his name and he was concerned. So I first moved to D. H. place and at his ex's!
4- I didn't get enough during the week and looked tired at work. The guy was concerned and kept telling me that it was a huge job and this and that!
5- etc. I don't wanna talk about it any more!

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