Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eating Habits

I usually go to a McDonald's to get a coffee and muffin for my breakfast because that's the healthiest you can get. The other day I stopped by the one close to work, the one I usually go to and surprisingly all the interior lights were off. Looked liked the place was closed. So I went to the Tim Horton's nearby regardless of the fact that I don't like it. I needed a coffee really bad because I hadn't slept enough the night before.
So I went there and I ordered a cup of coffee, fruit muffin and an egg sandwich: They all tasted like crap! And who knows how that egg had been prepared! So I said to me that I should never went to a place where I don't like it's taste although I was starving or falling sleep. I thought it was because I got myself accustomed to McDonald's coffee. That's why I disliked that coffee so much, I thought.
Then me and A. F. went to a Boston Pizza where we just wanted to drink something and have a little chat. He ordered beer and I had a cup of coffee and surprisingly the coffee was good. Then I realized it is not just eating habits that refrains you from foods and drinks. It's the quality. Tim Horton's coffee has no quality and I don't care how many people drink it here forcibly with stupid sugary, greasy doughnuts!
In the nutshell eating habits can force you to have too much and gain weight while they could hold you back from eating certain foods. But none of these two where involved here!
(Photo: You get 6 teaspoon of sugar for every glazed doughnut you eat! That's horrible and does too much harm to the body)

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