Monday, January 17, 2011

From 12 C to -18 C

I flew to Calgary last night just to try this new job. And I did. It was raining lightly in B. C. and was almost 12 C and when I landed in Calgary International Airport it was almost -18 C! A 30 C difference!
Then I went to work today. Had to walk a few blocks and was about to get frozen, especially my ears were really hurt although I'm used to this kind of weather.
Anyways I started this job today and I was quite surprised. Looked like that the gay had been expecting me. He took me to every single person in the company, introduced me and explained a bit about the department and our interactions. The project manger was the last person I met and he gave me warnings! Like work hard and don't zig zag! I'll take that into consideration!

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