Thursday, January 06, 2011

Unusual Employment Offer

I eventually received an employment offer from the company that I had the interview with and have to start this Mon. but have not made my mind yet. It's just because everything sounds unusual in this offer:
1- I only had a telephone interview and although they said I should to meet the management, it hasn't happened yet to the moment!
2- I was told that the project had been defined for a period of 2 to 3 years but the employment offer only mentioned 11 months. Then I e-mailed the so called management and asked about the difference. He renewed the offer and changed it to 20 months with the possibility of extension for a few months! (End of the project of course)
3- I was supposed to start this Thu. but when I said that I needed a few more days, the offer was quickly changed again with the coming Mon. as the start day.
4- I e-mailed the boss again and asked a few questions but didn't get the answers. That makes me more suspicious. Or may be I shouldn't have asked those ones.
I had such another situation once in 2006. It was not completely the same but just suspicious made me ignore the whole employment possibility. I still have a few job applications but none of them are even close to this one in terms of remuneration and job satisfaction.

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