Monday, January 24, 2011

Cursing Myself!

As every day passes I hate what I've done to myself, more and more! I curse myself while I'm walking! I was at work today, talking to this smart gentleman, the head of the company(!) who barely talks! For a moment I thought that I was not able to take it any more and wanted to step off but controlled myself. It was not only the way he talked. It was the disgusting smell from his mouth too! I feel bad for the guy but is this my fault? Yes! if you find the root cause, it's me! I have to curse myself for being careless, immature and stupid. If I was not, I didn't have to deal with this bunch of morons today!
I'm hoping I, at least, learn something and will be able to find a better job when I get kicked out or it's the time. Well one thing I learned today is all those year, those stupid idiots used the term Hydraulic Test instead of Hydrostatic Test and of course I read the test procedure and purposes. I learnt a bunch more. Right now I stand out because I speak better than many people but I have to show them that I'm a professional too.

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