Saturday, January 14, 2012


We checked out Earls for a dinner a few nights ago. The restaurant looked nice but like many others there was no table cloth and the surface had numerous scratches. Something that I hate the most. Not tidy and nice. We did not have to wait for a long time to be seated although the restaurant was quite crowded. You could see the outer layer(!) of the kitchen from the booth that we were sited. F. F. mentioned that they had too many chefs and helpers. They barely could move! They also had more than enough waiters and waitresses. You could see that they were standing together in groups of 2 or 3 and talking. We went through the menu from A to Z to find something worth eating with a reasonable price. There was barely anything. The food was basically what you can get in most of Western style restaurants here: Stake, Hamburger, Pasta and few other types of sandwiches and of course appetizers, soups and salad. The food here usually starts with wine or any other similar drink and then a appetizer and then entree comes which soup and salad could be part of it or a helper. And of course at the end you will have your dessert. So we tried to summarize all in one good meal. We ordered a type of Stake and insisted that we wanted it fully cooked and not red or pink inside and a kind of Pizza which had shrimp and waited. The food came not too late and we were both surprised at the first. The Stake was probably not even as big as the size of my palm and I gotta insist that I do not have big hands. A small pile of mushroom which was covered with a type of sauce was on the top of the meat. They claim that sauce is made of Bourbon. I don't know if that is true because I have never or better to say had never tried Bourbon. But it tasted fine. There was a small pile of mashed potato and a few small pieces of squash or pumpkin, may be and that was it. The Pizza was the size of Pizza that you would get as personal in regular Pizza franchises but again tasted OK but it was not whole wheat crust. F. F. was quite disappointed and I could see that she was not happy with the quantity. So overall we paid approximately $27 for the Stake and $15 for the Pizza and adding tip and tax brought our bill to $45 and left the restaurant half full! F. F. said not to go with even 10% tip because she really was not satisfied with the quantity and the quality was only OK to her. I explained that people would usually make their stomach full with drinks and appetizers and then when a meal like this comes, they do not stay hungry! But will end up with a bill probably 2 times bigger than ours!

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