Friday, January 13, 2012

Tin Tin

We finally saw Tin Tin in 3D this week. I had planned for this for months! It was a little late because we had a few failed attempts. I had forgotten the story completely. I just knew it was about a ship called Unicorn. I had read the story probably more than 50 times but that was more than 25 years ago. I had a good collection of Tin Tin books but then I lost them one by one through years when I grew up. But I still have to in English! One that we bought in London when I was a little kid and is called The Red Sea Sharks and the other one I bought here from Indigo a few years ago for some $14 and called The Blue Lotus. It was a good movie and a good 3D and we enjoyed but at the same time a little tiring. I guess we sat in the theatre for almost 2 hours. That included the commercials and preview of course.

(Photo: Tin Tin, Captain Haddock and the little Snowy in the movie The Secret of Unicorn by Spielberg)

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