Thursday, January 26, 2012

State of Bullshit

I was surfing the channels the other day and while I was jumping from this to that I realized that several different channel were broadcasting this annual State of Bullshit of Obama! And it truly was state of bullshit as soon as he started. I wanted to see what he was saying but when after a few sentences he came to ... Today United Stated is stronger and more respected around the word ... I said No! Where did this horseshit come from!!?
You could not be more stupid to say some silly thing like that! I was just a few months ago that they were all scared shitless about what was going on with the economy! And the US has more debt probably more than ever it had! 1 out of 10 Americans is unemployed or just a little late and they cheat their government for money. I read that in the news just a few weeks ago that many Americans still collect unemployment cheques from the government after they get a job! It means they do not have a good control system.
The presidential election, I guess, will be this coming November. One candidate, that I don't remember his name, said a few days ago that because Obama had turned his back to Canadians in that pipeline deal, now the Canadians are going to enter to an agreements with Chinese. Such President is not good for the US!
Regardless of these, he really started a few changes in the country. He established a new Health Care System to cover more Americans. I don't know if he has been successful to deploy this system or not but I do know that many people opposed to him for doing that. He also recalled all the Americans from Iraq. Something that might have made American top soldier mad. You should have seen their faces on TV when Obama said no more American would be in Iraq. The thing is the US is already struggling with unemployment and no more people, the army people are goin' to add to that population, no matter how small this population is. He might have been tougher than his predecessor on Iran and the other countries like that. Libya is an example and economic sanction on Iran is another one. But I don't know he wouldn't get too far from the general American's policy toward the hostile countries.
(Photo: Obama's cartoon at the time he call America a stronger and more respected country around the world! What a load of crap!)

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