Sunday, January 15, 2012

Expensive Sport

We spent almost 2 hours in Sportcheck, Canadian Tire and SportMart for a pair of skates and a helmet. I spent close to $110 on these two. Almost $70 for the skates and around $40 for the damn helmet. It was not easy to select the skates because it's not easy to try them on! A good pair of skate can not be purchased less than $100 I assume but for a beginner like me I guess that is more than enough. I guess I tried at least 5 different ones. I understand why they say Hockey is an expensive sport because to play Hockey you have to add the cost of stick, visor, body armour, shorts and pads and everything else as well.

(Photo: I got a pair of Bauer skates and a CCM certified(!) helmet which is valid until 2017. I did not know that the helmets should be re-certified! Rather than that I paid a damn $5 for sharpening the blades. I have no idea if they are sharp enough, have been sharpened properly and how long they last until they needs sharpening again!)

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