Monday, January 16, 2012

My Finance Tracker

I used to kind of manage my expenses for years in the old country before coming to Canada. I used to save everything is an Excel Sheet and apply charts and other different statistical methods and compare them. My spending budget was very limited because I was saving for immigration. Barely took a cab and mostly walked or took a bus.
Then here I started doing the same last summer just to see how we were doing and have a little control but it was almost impossible because now there are two of us and it's hard to keep all the receipts. Eventually after a few month I gave up. But then a few month after that I was checking something in my online banking and I realized the system automatically provides the same service in this section called My Finance Tracker. This is RBC and I am not sure if the other banks have the same service but this very helpful. May be not very much for me who does most of his purchases with the credit card or someone else who mostly uses cash but still helpful with cheques and automatic deductions. Check this great service out at the bottom side of your RBC Online Service.

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