Monday, January 16, 2012

Short Practice in Wicked Cold

We decided to check the rink by the river out, the one in Eau Clair Market, last night but I think it was a crazy idea! It was almost -19 C and there was barely anybody on the streets especially because it was Sun. night as well. Everybody was getting ready for tomorrow's work. So we were there and we saw this sign saying Rink Closed with a handwritten note says Dangerous Conditions! I did not understand what they were trying to say so put my skates on and did a little practice for 10 minutes. F. F. was really cold and I guess it was her boots and jeans! So I decided to end it quickly. There were a couple on the bike with Ski goggle and helmets and then there was a jogging guy and a few passersby and a man with his dog.It was almost impossible to see while driving because the window would fogged up just after a few minutes sitting inside. Not a good practice!
(Photo: This rink is prepared by the municipality in Eau Clair and is a good place for skating when it's net evil cold!)

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