Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Risky Drive

I have to admit that it was a quite a risky drive today, much dangerous than any time although I only drove 4 blocks to get The Lady from the train. I sat at the wheel and pushed the clutch to start the engine. I turned the key and the it started but when I released the clutch, it did not response as quick as usual. It return to the default position very slowly and unwillingly! I guess it had something to do with the oil used in its system. Could be frozen! Then I could smell gasoline. Felt like someone had spilled gasoline all over the vehicle. The thermometer should -26 C but it could be colder because it usually shows warmer temperature with +3 difference.
I waited a few minutes and tried to come out of the park but it died. I tried again and started immediately. I drove after a few minutes and seemed alright but you could hear all sorts of noise from the vehicle. It was quite surprising that the car could run with no block heater. I am not sure if it damages the engine or the electrical system of the vehicle. But I should admire Toyota again for providing such a car. I will check with a mechanic about the block heater and will post.
(Photo: The vehicle's thermometer shows -26 C but could be colder)

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