Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ice Skating

I finally started learning a kind of sport that I had never tried or never had the opportunity to try before I came to Canada. I started learning Ice Skating today. I wanted to buy a pair of skates but decided to rent for the first session just to see how I feel. The first class, for me as someone who has never been on the ice was good. I learned the basics and managed not to fall until the last minutes of the practice which happened two times! I didn't get hurt, of course. This sports needs lots of practice, like any others and I will buy a pair of skates and will practice as soon as practicable. The cost of the program, I can not say now, if it is reasonable or not. I believe I have paid $100 plus GST for 10 sessions and every session is 45 minutes. So it is obvious that everything is left to the students to learn. You have to add the cost of the damn parking or transit, if you are not driving, to that. I guess we were lucky that we did not have to drive a lot around and found empty spot in the parking!
(Photo: This picture shows the U of C Olympic Oval where we started our practice and of course the beginners were not skating on the main tracks! Those were for speed skaters and the really skilled one. I had forgotten to take my camera so I used my phone camera)

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