Monday, May 14, 2012

The Atheist

I had to go to the other corner of the city without driving so I went to the train station. While waiting for the train to come, I noticed this older guy roaming around and watching me. I realized that he was looking for someone to talk to and I didn't mind it. We got on the car and happened to be on the same seat. The guy asked me what time it was and when I said it was around 05:30 PM he said it felt like 02:00 or 03:00. I just nodded. Then he turned toward me and asked how I was doing with my senior relatives, friends or something like that. To cut the crap I said that I had no friends and relative here. It didn't make him stop. He started going on as how the Government was not paying attention to pensioners and welfare receivers and such. And added that if anybody complains the Police will shot him. He said" I'm Canadian and I'm ashamed of who I am now. I'm American and I'm ashamed of my nationality now. I did not wonder that he had dual citizenship. Many people do here. But had never seen a Westerner, a Caucasian who attacks the system like that. He looked mostly like an Eastern European but did not have a heavy accent. At that moment he was so load that many on the car was looking at us and listening. I was just nodding all the time without a word coming out of my mouth. Then I realized that he reached his stop. He said that he or they would not do anything. He would let God avenge him! He was standing in the middle of the isle with his finger pointing at me and yelling: ˵... these atheists!˶ and then walked out of the car. That was the time that I said I'm an atheist too! Two people over the other seat burst in to laughter and there were too sisters in the front seat who smiled. I told them that I had told him the truth. I am an atheist and one of the sister said: and very patient too!
But what really was I supposed to do!? I was already too tired to even make a comment. Besides he either was a maniac or someone who was fed up with the system or had a problem. Was I supposed to tell him to fuck off or punch him in the face, the poor guy. Man!
(Photo: This meaningful sign I it found it about all the religions!)

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